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Two minutes to understand [crane pipe] welding

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Two minutes to understand [crane pipe] welding

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1. Summary and application of crane pipe. 

Crane pipe is used for loading and unloading the top and bottom of all kinds of liquids and liquefied gases in open or closed state of highway and railway tank cars. The suitable media are liquefied gas, petroleum products, acid, alkali and other chemical products. 

2. The types of crane pipes mainly include: 

1. According to the material of the pipe, it can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy crane pipe and so on. 

two。 According to the medium, it can be divided into gasoline and diesel, liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, liquefied gas, methanol, ethanol, propylene crane tube and so on. 

3. According to the use scene, it can be divided into land crane pipe, marine crane pipe and so on. 

Part composition and welding of crane pipe. 

The typical structure of crane pipe, except for a few rotating joints, most of them need to be welded, because most of their media are corrosive media and toxic, so the steel for crane pipe equipment and the corresponding welding process have put forward higher requirements. 

Among them, the position with high welding requirements is mainly composed of four parts: connecting flange 3, inner arm 4, middle bend 6, outer arm 8. 

The rest are working structures, and the welding requirements are lower than those of the first four. 

All pressure main pipe welds of crane pipe are welded by argon arc welding and are required to undergo strict flaw detection and hydraulic test. 

The welding place is firm, the weld is smooth, the welding slag is cleared clean, there are no welding defects such as welding tumor, virtual welding, slag inclusion, porosity, bite, incomplete welding and so on. 

The weld surface should be flat, the height should not be lower than the base metal surface, and the arc transition with the base metal. 

Welding is an important production process of this product, the product is basically formed by welding, and then shipped after assembly and painting. 

There are some ancillary products in the industry, such as unloading pipes (metal hoses) and assembled inner floating trays, which are divided into stainless steel and aluminum materials. 

To learn more about the crane pipe, pay attention to the crane tube manufacturer Lianyungang huade Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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