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What are the matters needing attention in the maintenance of automobile crane tube?

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What are the matters needing attention in the maintenance of automobile crane tube?

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Automatic crane tube manufacturers understand that crane pipe is a kind of telescopic pipe, which is mostly used for liquid transportation in petroleum and chemical ports, such as oil, water and so on. 

Crane pipe can be divided into car loading and unloading crane pipe, train loading and unloading crane pipe, aircraft loading and unloading crane pipe, bucket crane pipe and so on. 

The following by the editor to introduce to you about the car crane tube maintenance what need to pay attention to.

Automatic crane tube

Automobile oil crane pipe is a kind of oil crane pipe for oil tanker. 

It can also be used in all kinds of oil depots, and the distribution of all kinds of fuel oil, the same automobile hair oil crane pipe can also be used in chemical and other industries to receive and distribute all kinds of liquid raw materials filling operation. 

The raw materials of automobile crane pipe are generally made of low carbon steel, stainless steel, fluorine-lined fluorine, aluminum alloy, oil-resistant nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and so on. 

The utility model is composed of an interface flange, a foundation rotator, a horizontal short pipe, a balancer, a lifting arm, a vent valve, a head rotator, a vertical insert pipe, a horizontal rotator and a connection one by one. 

In the process of using crane pipe, we should set up a complete maintenance management system, often check the working condition of crane pipe, and strengthen the maintenance work. 

Apply lubricating oil to the rotating parts of each pin and the spring balancer on a regular basis. 

At the end of the work, the crane tube shall be pushed to one side of the oil platform and the lifting arm of the crane tube shall be 60 °so that the balancer is in relaxed mode. 

For more information about crane pipe, you can consult huade Petrochemical, a fully automatic crane pipe manufacturer, in detail.

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