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What kind of materials do you have for crane tubes?

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What kind of materials do you have for crane tubes?

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Crane pipe manufacturers understand that crane pipe is a kind of telescopic pipe, which is mostly used for liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical wharf, such as oil, water and so on. 

It is divided into many kinds, compared with the old hose has the advantages of high safety, flexibility and so on. 

The following by the editor to introduce you to the crane tube of the material has what type.

Crane tube manufacturer

Crane pipe is a special equipment in the process of fluid loading and unloading in petrochemical industry, also known as fluid loading and unloading arm. 

It uses rotating joint to connect with rigid pipe and elbow to realize the movable equipment of liquid medium transmission between train, automobile tank car and trestle storage and transportation pipeline. 

Crane pipe is mainly divided into automobile loading and unloading crane pipe, train loading and unloading crane pipe, aircraft loading and unloading crane pipe, bucket crane pipe and so on. 

For the use of crane tube should be regular maintenance, regular application of lubricating oil. 

After long-term use, we should pay attention to check to avoid media leakage, open the rotator for cleaning and maintenance. 

The seals should be replaced in a timely manner. 

For more information about crane pipe, you can consult huade Petrochemical, a crane control manufacturer, in detail.

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