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How much does the crane know?

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How much does the crane know?

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When it comes to "big crane pipe," many people look confused and say they have never heard of it. The word is very professional and different from all kinds of pipes that are common in our lives. 

As the name implies, "crane pipe" is a kind of pipe which can stretch and move like crane neck, which is mainly composed of fixing, rotating, operation, balance and so on. It is mostly used for liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical wharf, also known as fluid loading and unloading arm. 

The product adopts rotating joint to connect with rigid pipe and elbow to replace the old hose connection, which has the characteristics of high flexibility and long life. 

According to its use, the product can be divided into several forms, such as automobile loading and unloading crane pipe, train loading and unloading crane pipe, aircraft loading and unloading crane pipe, bucket crane pipe and so on.

Crane tube

According to the mode of loading and unloading, it can be divided into upper crane tube and lower crane tube. 

The medium that can be transported are crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil and other petroleum products, as well as concentrated sulfuric acid, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, dissolved sulfur, asphalt, carbon disulfide and other chemical products. 

What do you need to pay attention to in the selection of crane pipe? 

Are crane tube manufacturers the same? 

There are many points of attention when doing crane pipe selection, regular manufacturers will understand and provide "crane pipe data table" in detail, chemical designers will be based on the field data for design selection and drawing confirmation. 

Crane pipe manufacturers are intermingled, as pressure pipeline "special equipment installation and renovation license" and "special equipment design license" manufacturers, must be based on qualifications and industry reputation to choose.

Crane tube

The crane pipe is mainly composed of fixing, rotating, operation, balance and other mechanisms and tubing. 

Among them, the rotary mechanism (rotary joint) is meticulously manufactured with forged steel or aluminum alloy, with multiple ball bearings and stainless steel special sealing ring, which has the advantages of flexible rotation, reliable sealing performance and durability. 

The balancing system has the types of counterweight, torsional spring, compression spring, tension spring and screw, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic balance, all of which can be operated with very little force. 

After seeing so much, I believe you also have a certain understanding of the crane control, want to know more information, welcome to consult us.

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