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Big crane pipe-what are the matters needing attention in oil transportation?

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Big crane pipe-what are the matters needing attention in oil transportation?

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The big crane tube manufacturer understands that oil has a wide range of applications in modern life, involving almost all sectors of the national economy. Oil can be refined into gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other fuel oil and all kinds of lubricating oil needed by machines. 

It can make synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, plastic, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, explosive, medicine, dye, paint, synthetic detergent and so on. 

The following by Xiaobian to introduce to you in the process of oil transportation what need to pay attention to.

Crane tube

Oil transportation mainly includes land transportation and sea transportation. 

When using an oil tanker for transportation, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate amount of oil loaded, too little oil in the tank, large shaking space in transportation, and easy to produce static electricity; if it is overloaded, it is easy to overflow the car that is not tightly sealed at the mouth of the tank. 

The oil quantity of the tanker needs to be properly loaded. 

In addition, medium speed should be maintained in transportation to ensure that the oil in the tank is relatively stable, and emergency brakes should be reduced as far as possible. 

It is necessary to connect the electrostatic wire and ensure that the electrostatic wire is in contact with the ground. 

For more information about big crane pipe, you can consult huade, the manufacturer of big crane pipe in detail.

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