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Automatic crane pipe-what is the function of crane pipe?

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Automatic crane pipe-what is the function of crane pipe?

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Automatic crane pipe manufacturers understand that crane pipe is a kind of telescopic pipe, which is mostly used for liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical wharf, such as oil, water and so on. 

It is divided into many kinds, compared with the old hose has the advantages of high safety, flexibility and so on. 

The following by the editor to introduce to you what the role of crane pipe.

Automatic crane tube

Five rotating joints are used at the top and bottom of the crane tube, with a fast shut-off valve in front, which is connected to the tank car with flanges. 

Crane pipe can be used to transport crude oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil, gasoline, etc., as well as concentrated sulfuric acid, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, dissolved sulfur, asphalt, carbon disulfide and other chemical products. 

Crane pipe has a series of characteristics, such as large bearing capacity, flexible rotation, convenient, good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. 

Crane pipe from the point of view of loading and unloading, can be divided into loading and unloading. 

The rotating joint and sealing ring of the crane pipe with medium can be transported, the rotating joint of the key parts is made of alloy steel and stainless steel, and the compound raceway can withstand the axial, radial and torque load, and the rotation is flexible. 

For more information about crane control, you can consult huade Petrochemical, a fully automatic crane control manufacturer, in detail.

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