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Crane pipe parts and product identification

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Crane pipe parts and product identification

Date of release:2019-05-22 Author:一一 Click:

Today, editor huade wants to talk to you about what are the parts of the crane tube? 

What exactly is the product logo? 

I. What are the crane pipe parts? 

Because of the need of transportation, the crane pipe is usually divided into four parts: the post, the inner and outer arm pipe, the vertical pipe and the crane pipe accessory. 

There is a one-to-one corresponding number on the outer packing of the column and the inner and outer arm pipe, and attention should be paid to one-to-one correspondence during installation.

                              Crane pipe manufacturer

II. Crane pipe product logo: crane pipe inner and outer arm pipe with product logo, the content is: model, caliber, rotation, pressure grade and other information, please read carefully before installation! 

At present, our company is a qualified supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sading Engineering Co., Ltd., China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd., China Metallurgical Jiao Nai (Dalian) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., etc. 

It has also established extensive cooperative relations with Shell (SHELL), BASF (BASF), Akzo Nobel (Akzo Nobel), Ashland Chemical (Ashland) and other well-known foreign enterprises. Products are exported to Germany, Britain, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Mozambique and other countries. 

Everyone, if you want to know more about crane management knowledge, pay more attention to the company trends, we will update the product information for you from time to time.


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