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What are the main aspects of the operating platform?

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What are the main aspects of the operating platform?

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A variety of temporary operating tables or frames are often set up at the construction site to carry out a variety of masonry, decoration, painting and other operations. Generally speaking, a frame platform that can be used to carry materials and carry out various operations within a certain period of time. 

It's called an operating platform. 

Before the production of the operating platform, the professional and technical personnel should design according to the materials used, according to the current corresponding specifications, the calculation book or drawing should be compiled into the construction organization design, and the allowable load value should be marked prominently on the operating platform. 

When in use, the total weight of operators and materials shall not exceed the allowable load designed, and shall be equipped with special supervision. 

The operating platform shall have the necessary strength and stability and shall not be sloshed in the course of use. 

The working platform is not only a place for binding steel bars, pouring concrete, lifting formwork, installing embedded parts, but also a temporary storage site for steel bars, concrete, embedded parts and other materials and small spare machines such as jacks and vibrators. 

In order to facilitate the lifting and control of the template, the hydraulic control mechanical equipment is generally arranged in the central part of the operating platform. 

Sometimes the operating platform is used to set up the vertical transportation machinery and equipment, and the operating platform can also be used as the formwork of the cast-in-place concrete top cover. 

Therefore, in addition to the operation of transport and stacking materials, machinery, equipment and construction personnel, the operating platform can sometimes be used to install tower cranes. 

The top elevation of the operating platform should not be lower than the upper mouth of the formwork, and is generally flush with the upper mouth of the formwork. 

When the area of the operating platform is small, or the materials and equipment can not be stacked, an auxiliary platform can be set up on the operating platform. 

The auxiliary platform is used for stacking materials and equipment. 

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